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Fitness Evolution Training Offers A Variety of Services to Meet Your Fitness Goal and Accommodate Any Budget:
– One on One Personal Training
– Small Group Personal Training
– Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
– Online Personal Training
– Program Design
– Fitness Assessments
– Corporate Fitness Challenges
– Pre and Postnatal Training
– Sweating for the Wedding
And Much More!



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Natalie Novak, 7 Years of Experience
– NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
– Weight loss and Weight Maintenance Coach
– ACE  Pre and Postnatal Specialist
– ACE Senior Fitness Specialist

I became a Personal Trainer in 2008. I got into health and fitness at a young age. At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). It progressed into adulthood. My disease has been in remission since 2008. My story is different than most, but I can relate to the mental and physical struggles. My training style has changed over the years. Since becoming a mother, I view the world very differently. I understand life doesn’t revolve around fitness for most individuals. It’s about peaks and valleys. I want to teach you how to balance it all. This is a lifestyle!


Take a look at some of our client’s testimonials:

I have been working with Natalie for over a year and she has been great! From being a great movtivator to the built in accountability, I couldn’t be where I am today without her. And while I am still on my journey and not yet reached all my fitness goals, she has helped me understand it is a way of life for me, not a quick goal to check off and move on to the next thing. Movement and staying active has become a great stress relief for me, not just a means to an end anymore! Natalie has helped me understand that. She understands where I’m at and has workout routines personalized for my fitness level. She is positive, realistic and committed!

Tracy Buchanan

I have been a client for over 3.5 years, and have found Natalie to be knowable in all areas of diet and exercise. I am in my late 60’s and have lost 65 lbs, with good gains in physical conditioning. I highly recommend Natalie as a personal trainer.

Robby Childers

I have been working with Natalie for a little over a year and she has been wonderful. I’ve worked with a couple of trainers throughout the years to try and get to my fitness goals and Natalie has truely been different than all the others. Natalie understands that life gets in the way of fitness goals and continues to motivate me through my times of struggle. I’ve worked with other trainers whom push with negative reinforcement feedback and the number of fitness errors I’ve made and Natalie focuses on the positive reinforcement while providing suggestions to improve alternative areas. Natalie creates workouts which fit my fitness goals and my lifestyle needs, including gym workouts, home workouts and running plans. I would recommend Natalie to anyone for all fitness goals.

Natalie Chavez

Why Fitness Evolution Training?


Great Results


Accommodate Any Budget


One-on-One Studio Training


Online Personal Training


Group Training


Pre and Postnatal Training


Senior Fitness Training


Sweating for the Wedding: 12 Week Program


Session Packages: 5-20 Sessions

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4 Things I Love About My Hometown

I live in Houston, TX…. But I enjoy going home. My husband just nagged at me for walking in our front yard barefoot. My response, “I’m a country girl! What do you expect?” Most of you probably know I grew up in Giddings, TX.  If you have traveled to Austin going down HWY 290. You have most like gone through Giddings. I ended up in Houston in 2006 after I finished up my associates degree at Blinn College. I moved to the city to attend University of Houston. I stayed in Houston because the economy is great and is where I met my husband.   For me, Giddings revolves around family, food and beer. I never realized how much I loved my hometown until I come back to visit. Here are my reasons I love going home:   1) My family still lives there. In particular, my parents, sister and her children. Something about being in the house I grew up in makes be go back to a much simpler time. It brings me a lot of comfort to sleep in my old bedroom. Even though Mom has completely overhauled the house since I lived at home. I love spending time with my family. I don’t get to see them everyday and cherish the moments my son, Travis, gets to spend with them. There’s nothing like cousins!   2) I love the charm and beauty that still remains in Lee County. When I go home now, in the mornings when everyone is still sleeping, I sit on the back porch steps and listen to the birds chirping in the distance.... read more

Do You Have 25 Minutes to Spare?

If you have 25 minutes to spare try this workout! If you’re looking for a great abdominal workout and want to feel the heat…. Let’s get started! *** This is an example routine I had for my first “Get Healthy Transformation Challenge.” This was not a mandatory workout, but an add-on/optional routine. This workout is NOT modified for a particular individual (my actual programs are personalized and regressed/progressed if needed). This is for individuals who have no issues with doing a basic squat or lunge. -This workout can be ADDED to any of your current routines or done alone. This workout takes about 20-25 minutes. Equipment needed: -Workout Mat Workout Structure: – Quick Cardio Warmup (40 secs each) – Abs & Obliques (50 Secs Each, with 10 Sec Rest), Use the Free GYM BOSS App to track your timed rounds and rest – 20-30 minutes of Moderate Intensity Cardio if done on Flex Day *** Walk 1.5 Miles in 20-30 minutes If you are not certain how to perform the exercise, I have attached a video to the exercise.  WARM UP: Each for 40 SECS, (NO rest in between exercises) Jog in Place: 40 SECS Walk Down to Push-ups (can be done on knees): 40 SECS Pulsing Lunges: 40 SECS on each side Body Weight Squats: 40 SECS Frankenstein Walks: 40 SECS Burpees (can be modified if needed): 40 SECS Butt Kickers: 40 SECS Seal Jump Jacks: 40 SECS   Shape Up Your Abs Routine: (50 SECS on, 10 SECS Rest)   Toe Touches: 50 SECS Rest: 10 secs ___________________________________________________ Single-Legged Jack Knife: 50 SECS Rest: 10 Secs ___________________________________________________ Scissors Kicks: 50 SECS Rest: 10 secs ___________________________________________________ Plank Jacks: 50... read more

Get Healthy Transformation Challenge 2015 #2

For $55: A 28-Day Jumpstart to Renew, Refresh, and Re-energize Are You Ready To: Feel better quickly and have more energy? Push through your to achieve your health goals? Gain positive momentum and start a solid routine for your fittest spring/summer EVER? Overcome excuses and start seeing results? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! May 4TH – June 1ST **LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE** This Challenge Includes: 28-Day Meal Plan & Grocery Lists ($60 value) Access to online personal training app which is loaded with many different workouts to suit all fitness levels as well as printable travel, at-home, or gym workouts ($65 value) *Bi-Weekly* – Workout Schedule for minimum 4 workouts per week to ensure maximum benefits from the challenge ($35 value) Email support & successful goals setting guidance (priceless) Before & After Measurements Regular emails to keep you accountable, on track, and motivated Access to Facebook Challenge Support Forum Sign Up Below:  I AM LIMITING THIS CHALLENGE TO 25 PEOPLE MAXIMUM SO CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!!   Okay, so what is this challenge all about you ask?? Well it’s already Spring time….. and Summer is arriving fast! I’m sure you guys will want to not just look better, but feel better. Have you been thinking for a while how you wish you could just lose an extra 5-10 lbs? Now is the time to do it and I am here to help you along the way! Many people have no problem working out hard, but that is only half the battle because if you are not eating the right foods to support your training and weight loss goals then... read more

March Special: Free Week of Small Group Training!

Are You Ready to Get Fit?  Sign up NOW for One FREE Week of Small Group Training! Are you feeling… Disappointed in your personal appearance, energy and strength? Angry at the amount of money spent on gym memberships and diets without any results? Anxious to lose that last bit of baby weight or your couch potato belly once and for all? Excited about a new lease on life and looking forward to finally getting into shape?   Our Small Group Training program can help you elevate your fitness routine in a fun and energetic group setting, with coaching from a Fitness Evolution Training certified trainer. Truly personalized small group training from the personal training experts at less than half the cost of one-on-one training. Energize your exercise routine by working within a small group of like-minded people in a private setting. Get fit together by creating your own small group (up to 4 people) with friends, family and/or co-workers or joining an existing group. Feel better, look better and perform better than you ever thought possible. There really is strength in numbers and our Small Group Personal Training proves it! In a group of 2-4 people and a certified personal trainer, you’ll experience working out like never before following a systematic program designed to get results in a private group setting. In Small Group Personal Training, like-minded people begin together, work together and finish together in pursuit of a common purpose and to achieve individual goals. Great results cannot be achieved with short cuts or gimmicks. Through state-of-the-art techniques and science, Fitness Evolution Training combines strength training, cardio conditioning and nutritional guidance... read more

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