4 Things I Love About My Hometown

I live in Houston, TX…. But I enjoy going home. My husband just nagged at me for walking in our front yard barefoot. My response, “I’m a country girl! What do you expect?” Most of you probably know I grew up in Giddings, TX.  If you have traveled to Austin going down HWY 290. You have most like gone through Giddings. I ended up in Houston in 2006 after I finished up my associates degree at Blinn College. I moved to the city to attend University of Houston. I stayed in Houston because the economy is great and is where I met my husband.


For me, Giddings revolves around family, food and beer. I never realized how much I loved my hometown until I come back to visit. Here are my reasons I love going home:


1) My family still lives there. In particular, my parents, sister and her children. Something about being in the house I grew up in makes be go back to a much simpler time. It brings me a lot of comfort to sleep in my old bedroom. Even though Mom has completely overhauled the house since I lived at home. I love spending time with my family. I don’t get to see them everyday and cherish the moments my son, Travis, gets to spend with them. There’s nothing like cousins!


2) I love the charm and beauty that still remains in Lee County. When I go home now, in the mornings when everyone is still sleeping, I sit on the back porch steps and listen to the birds chirping in the distance. Their beautiful songs echo through the open field.  There’s something about the hills and ongoing view of cattle roaming about.


I can’t forget to mention the stars, the nighttime frogs and bugs. The sound of the country is unforgettable. I love it! When I’m taking in the fresh air, listening to nature’s sounds, I love looking up at the stars. The Texas sky is very gorgeous! I don’t get the nighttime sky here in Houston.


3) The abundance of fresh BBQ, Tex-Mex, and we can’t forget the amazing margaritas. Giddings has a Tex-Mex restaurant around every corner. It’s cheap, greasy and tasty! Combine that with real margarita mix…. It’s a little piece of heaven.

The annual Lee County BBQ cook-off is a great thing to experience if you have never been. So MUCH fresh BBQ and beer. Plus it’s like a high school reunion every year. I love it! During the day it’s calm. There’s polka music, domino tourneys and square dancing. There’s also kid events at the fair. In the evening there’s live music from some musician that gets suckered into coming to the tiny town. I believe this year it’s Jason Boland, Kyle Park, Bubba Westly and a few others.


4) The hospitality is great! You drive down the road and wave at everyone. In Houston, we honk at everyone to move out of the way. It’s a pleasant change! People will buy you a beer even if they don’t know you. They don’t do it for any reason except out of a friendly gesture. I love that!


I could go on and on, but these are the main reason I love my hometown, Giddings. It may not be fitness related….. but it’s what makes me proud of who I am. I’m a proud German Texan who loves her beer!


Your Friend,

Natalie Novak

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