4 Things I Love About My Hometown

I live in Houston, TX…. But I enjoy going home. My husband just nagged at me for walking in our front yard barefoot. My response, “I’m a country girl! What do you expect?” Most of you probably know I grew up in Giddings, TX.  If you have traveled to Austin going down HWY 290. You have most like gone through Giddings. I ended up in Houston in 2006 after I finished up my associates degree at Blinn College. I moved to the city to attend University of Houston. I stayed in Houston because the economy is great and is where I met my husband.   For me, Giddings revolves around family, food and beer. I never realized how much I loved my hometown until I come back to visit. Here are my reasons I love going home:   1) My family still lives there. In particular, my parents, sister and her children. Something about being in the house I grew up in makes be go back to a much simpler time. It brings me a lot of comfort to sleep in my old bedroom. Even though Mom has completely overhauled the house since I lived at home. I love spending time with my family. I don’t get to see them everyday and cherish the moments my son, Travis, gets to spend with them. There’s nothing like cousins!   2) I love the charm and beauty that still remains in Lee County. When I go home now, in the mornings when everyone is still sleeping, I sit on the back porch steps and listen to the birds chirping in the distance....

Let’s talk about Debt!!!

Let’s talk about a sensitive and personal topic….. Debt! According to nerdwallet.com, here’s the average American’s debt load as of December 2014: U.S. household consumer debt profile: Average credit card debt: $15,611 Average mortgage debt: $155,192 Average student loan debt: $32,264   Proverbs 22:7 The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.   Are you drowning in debt? You know…. Living the American Dream!? Well my family has a plan…… Randall and I are doing Advocare’s Debtbuster System. According to the system….. In about 3 years will will have paid off $50,600 of debt. That includes a car note, one house mortgage, 3 credit cards, 1/2 my student loans, and 2 other investment loans. In 13 years from now will have paid off our 2nd mortgage, Randall’s law school loans and the rest of my student loans. When we become Debt Free…… We will have an extra $30,000 a year in our bank because we aren’t paying money to a lender. We will have zero student loans and actually OWN 2 houses. Let that sink in. Fact: Did you know… 90% of divorces are due to financial problems? I heard this statement a few weeks ago and it stuck with me: “Debt looks good when you buy a new house or car, but debt doesn’t look good inside your home.” Let me start by saying this….. There’s nothing wrong with nice things! But if it’s a burden something has to change, right? My family and I make sacrifices right now so we can have a bright future and afford those luxury items....

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