Get Healthy Transformation Challenge 2015 #2

Get Healthy Transformation Challenge 2015 #2

For $55: A 28-Day Jumpstart to Renew, Refresh, and Re-energize

Are You Ready To:

  • Feel better quickly and have more energy?
  • Push through your to achieve your health goals?
  • Gain positive momentum and start a solid routine for your fittest spring/summer EVER?
  • Overcome excuses and start seeing results?


May 4TH – June 1ST


This Challenge Includes:

  • 28-Day Meal Plan & Grocery Lists ($60 value)
  • Access to online personal training app which is loaded with many different workouts to suit all fitness levels as well as printable travel, at-home, or gym workouts ($65 value)
  • *Bi-Weekly* – Workout Schedule for minimum 4 workouts per week to ensure maximum benefits from the challenge ($35 value)
  • Email support & successful goals setting guidance (priceless)
  • Before & After Measurements
  • Regular emails to keep you accountable, on track, and motivated
  • Access to Facebook Challenge Support Forum

Sign Up Below: 



Okay, so what is this challenge all about you ask?? Well it’s already Spring time….. and Summer is arriving fast! I’m sure you guys will want to not just look better, but feel better.

Have you been thinking for a while how you wish you could just lose an extra 5-10 lbs? Now is the time to do it and I am here to help you along the way!

Many people have no problem working out hard, but that is only half the battle because if you are not eating the right foods to support your training and weight loss goals then it will be very hard to get your desired results.

If you sign up for the challenge now you are committing yourself to 28 days to push hard and focus on yourself. When was the last time you really focused on yourself? I mean really put your goals first?

Now is the time!!

The best part is you can do it along side other people creating a great support group and you have me to cheer you on and help you along the way!


A Realistic Meal Plan for 4 Weeks

4 week meal plan allowing you to eat real foods
Tips on how to have a cheat meal without altering progress
Details about protein, carbs, and fats – why you should eat balanced meals
Tips for how to achieve a flat belly
Proper hydration for weight loss and health
How to do effective meal prep
Know your macro-nutrient percentages: balancing carbs, proteins, and fat
When to eat organic
Tips on how to get a flat belly

Access to Fitness Evolution Training’s Online Training System for 4 Week

– You will be provided with workouts to perform independently

-Workouts can be viewed on your computer or through a downloadable app to your smartphone or tablet

-Workouts will include: core exercises, at home full body workouts, fat blasting full body gym workout, and other  cardio/strength training options to choose from no matter where you will be working out!

-All exercises in each of the workouts provided have videos in order to ensure proper form

Virtual Initial Kick-Off Meeting

-Each participant will receive a video from me explaining all the details of the challenge.

-We will discuss the nutrition plan, how to take before pictures and measurements

-We will discuss goals for the month. You will set you own individual goal for the 4 weeks (I want to tone my stomach, bigger biceps, plumper bum etc etc…) and your before picture can directly reflect that specific goal for comparison.

-Pictures will not be broadcast online… don’t worry, for your eyes only!

-Due to the fact that I do not believe in the scale, we will not focus on specific weight loss goals; however, we can set goals directly related to inches lost or strength etc. This is not saying that you will not lose weight in this challenge, because you most likely will, but when you are performing strength training I do not feel this is the best way to measure progress.

Half-Way Mark Check-In

Email check-in and/or phone call from me to follow up with you.  There will be an opportunity to have any questions answered also.

Support through Online Facebook Forum with all other members doing the challenge

– It is not mandatory to take part in the forum; however, it might help get any questions answered more easily that might come up along the way.
– A place where you can write about feelings, progress, questions and answer questions

Great Prizes!

If you follow all the rules for the entire 4 weeks, you can be entered in a draw to
win one of these great prizes. There will be 2 Grand Prize winners:
$100 worth of AdvoCare Products mailed to you
1 Free One-on-One Studio Personal Training Session, if local ($65 value!)
1 Free Months Access to Online Personal Training Software ($50 value)

Bonus Point System

In addition to the grand prizes, an additional prize will be awarded to the individual who has accumulated the most bonus points by the end of the competition.

Bonus points are awarded as follows…

Log one full week of your foods on MyFitnessPal – 3 points per week

Take a class at Local Gym – 1 point per class (max of 25 in the competition)

Log 1 hr of workouts outside Fitness Evolution Training -1 point for every hour of activity logged in MyFitnessPal (max of 50). You’ll receive a list of accepted forms when you sign up and receive your jump start email.

Complete the Weekly Fitness Challenge – 1 point each


1. Must track their nutrition everyday in My Fitness Pal (free downloadable app or via website)
2. Must exercise at least 4 days per week and track via online training (cannot sign up until I send you a welcome email)
3. Must follow the meal plan minimum 6 days per week
4. Must take before pictures & measurements in order to compare results (for your eyes only – not to be broadcasted all over the internet :))

****APRIL 27th: Programs will be activated ONE WEEK in ADVANCE to let everyone get the hang of using the apps. Anything that is logged prior to May 4TH will NOT count.

Last day to make a payment is April 24TH. 

What are you waiting for?? Sign up TODAY!

Click Here to register now!

*** Click on ONLINE STORE tab, then scroll down to ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING


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