Long Term Results (Motivation Monday)

Long Term Results (Motivation Monday)

Small Daily Improvements are the Key to Staggering Long-Term Results.

I have a different approach for my clients to achieving long term results. I don’t believe in fast results. Maybe this is not wise but maybe it is! Hear me out.

Scenario 1: A client wants to lose weight. They have 3 months before they are on their beach vacation and want to look great in their swimsuit. They need to lose 50 lbs. They have no major health concerns.  A personal trainer gives a new client a 1,000-1,200 calorie diet. The client is basically eating  only chicken breast, broccoli and water for 3 months. They are working out 5 days a week at 1-1.5 hours per workout. The client loses 55 lbs in 3 months. Goal Achieved plus 5 lbs!!

Client goes on vacation and within the next 3 months gains at least 30 lbs of the weight back. Do you think this is what a client really wanted long term?

Scenario 2: A client wants to lose weight. They have 3 months before they are on their beach vacation and want to look great in their swimsuit. They need to lose 50 lbs. They have no major health concerns.  A personal trainer sets a goal to lose only 2 pounds a week. They give the new client a 1,700 calorie diet based on their current weight and activity levels. The client is learning how to prepare meals in advance. They learn how to cook tasty meals. They are working out 4-5 days a week at average of 45 minutes per workout. The client looses 30 lbs in 3 months. Still has 20 lbs to lose to achieve their goal weight.

Client goes on vacation and within the next 3 months loses another 15 lbs.  Leaving them only 5 lbs to their goal weight. Do you think this is what a client really wanted long term?

**** These scenarios don’t include body fat percentages or inches lost.

Okay….. What’s My Point??

You need to be realistic with your goals. There’s no fast solutions for many years of poor habits. It takes an average of 30 days to create new habit or break an old habit. On average, a person should not lose more than 1-3 pounds a week.

7 Step guide to taking on a new lifestyle:

I suggest taking one step at a time. Pick your biggest weakness first. Pick a new habit every 3-4 weeks before moving on to the next step.  Be open minded about allowing changes. Also keep in mind, I always suggest eating non GMO and organic when possible.

1. Avoid Fast Food:

This is a big one for most people! I do believe in moderation. Start with trying to eliminate fast foods to once a week. Then once every other week. Gradually to once a month to none at all.

Not only does fast food have loads of sodium, fat and calories…. It’s poor quality of food. The chemicals added to the foods are to preserve the products long after its shelf life. Check out a few chemicals found is fast food.

2. Eat balanced snacks throughout the day:

If you snack on junk food during the day, have some fruits or veggies by your side at all times. When you’re feeling hungry make a easy snack. If you’re eating more carbs go for a piece of fruit with peanut butter or almonds and a serving of string cheese. If you’re going for lower carb switch out the fruit for a low carb veggie. The goal is to have a balance of carbs-protein-fat balance. This will allow you to stay full until meal time.

Or if you’re really in a bind and ran out of snacks and have nothing on hand. Don’t you dare go to that vending machine! Just go into your desk or your purse and pull out a meal replacement shake. Vending machine foods do not keep you full and are just junk food.

Try to eat 2-3 lower calorie (200-300 calories), small snacks every day. This helps keeps from over eating at mealtime.

3. Replace Soda and Diet Sodas with Water and/or a Healthy Energy Supplement:

I know people who drink soda or diet soda for the caffeine content, but I have a solution for you if this is your reason for drinking sodas everyday. I’m sure by now all of you know why you shouldn’t drink sodas. If you need a refresher on why you should give up soda, click here.

When I need a 2 PM pick me up, I prefer to use AdvoCare’s Spark (fruit punch is my favorite). The serving goes as low as $1.24. This is paying full price. You can even sign up for a 20-40% discount and get it for $0.74-$0.99 per serving. Makes me feel amazing, it’s 45 calories a serving and doesn’t contain aspartame!

As for water, the average person should be drinking lots of water everyday. Here’s the simple calculation to how much water you need to drink daily: Body Weight/2 = how many ounces a day to drink.

4. Get Active! 

Starting out, try walking around the neighborhood 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Once you accomplish this move it up to 4-5 days a week for 30-45 minutes. You don’t need to run to lose weight or to get healthy. Walking is just fine if you are walking with a purpose and breaking a sweat.

As a trainer, I always recommend resistance training. This needs to be done at least 3 days a week for optimal health. You only need 25-30 minutes per workout. You can either hire a local personal trainer, join a Body Pump class at the local gym or you can take advantage of my Online Personal Training Services. All 3 of these options allow you to get in cardio and resistance training all at once. This saves you tons of time. Also, will start looking great and best of all…. feeling great!

With a personal trainer you have the accountability factor that many people need. With group training, like Body Pump, you may have a friend you are suppose to meet up with. This is important for the days you are feeling unmotivated.

5. Cut out the White Stuff:

One of the greatest things you can do for your health is to cut out the white stuff….. white flours, pastas, cereals, and junk sugars. These items are highly processed. Also, they have very little nutritional value for the amount of calories they offer. White products cause the insulin to spike, which over time can reduce your insulin sensitivity and increase your risk for diabetes. Try replacing these items with healthy whole grains and nutrient dense foods.

6. Log your Food into MyFitnessPal:

Logging your foods may seem like a pain in the beginning, but this is meant to make you aware of what you are putting into your body! Sometimes the awareness can seem daunting, but that means you’re doing it correctly! If you do this at least 6 days a week you will see great results, because it helps you make better food choices.

7. Add a Veggie to your Meals:

To transition into eating more vegetables, try replacing an unhealthy side dish with vegetables. Do this for one meal per day, and slowly increase until you’re getting 4-5 servings per day. It’s all in the way your prepare the vegetables. Here are some AMAZING recipes to check out. They are all AdvoCare approved!

Your Friend,

Natalie Novak

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